Welcome to Carolina Hydroseeding, Inc.

Here at Carolina HydroSeeding, Inc., we are not just another lawn business, we are a part(ner) with your ‘Greenscapes’ living. We first become partners with you by providing a free, no obligation estimate along with a complete description of what we offer, best suited for your area.  Next we again partner with you providing an affordable “Alternative to Sod” that keeps the green on the lawn and in your wallet.  The partnership then starts to grow with leaps and beauty, us working the existing soil with an organic soil, bonding them to react similar to a sponge and water.  In doing this we provide a very important part, the seed bed.  This is a vital role in establishing a solid foundation in which your lawn will grow.  Once done, the fun part begins, the HydroSeeding master provides the correct amount of ingredients while yet training all the little seeds to lay "Root Down" so they can germinate quickly.   That is one of the most difficult tasks, to get them all laying the correct way.  Now; it is up to you and ‘Mother Nature’.   Water, warmth and oxygen are all that is needed from here out to provide a Greenscapes to be the envy of the neighborhood.