About the Company

Dave Johnson





After searching to find a hydro seeding company to do his own property, Dave Johnson realized the need for a reputable hydro seeding company in the area and decided to make the commitment.

Carolina HydroSeeding, Inc. came alive in 2005 starting with a used machine and a dream. Starting with the first small front yard on the west side of Raleigh, NC, Carolina HydroSeeding,Inc.’s has grown to the out reaches of the New Bern airport, an elementary school in Charlotte, complete housing development at Holly Springs, NC, waste land fill in south eastern Va., and on and on. But yet 85% of Carolina HydroSeeding,Inc.business is the home owner that needs a complete makeover for the front yard and/or back yard.

“Great Grass at a Great Price” tells the story.

Carolina HydroSeeding, Inc. pride themselves in being small enough to give the personal commitment and attention to the home owners back yard and large enough to collectively pull together for the largest of jobs without hesitation.

Carolina HydroSeeding,Inc.is committed to providing the best possible quality lawn to our customers.

‘You stand on our reputation’




Lucky Johnson

Day/Night watch cat


Lucky has been with

the company for over

Six years.

Her many duties include:




  • Rodent Eradicator
  • Bird Watcher
  • Machine Investigator
  • Inventory Inspector
  • Treat Recipient
  • Company Greeter

      Just to name a Few