Carolina HydroSeeding, Inc. also offersORGANIC FERTILIZATION and Weed Control!!!!


Everyday there are new reports of nutrient pollution in our waterways, coastal areas and drinking supplies. Beneficial insects are declining in population due to over use of pesticides. Fruits and vegetables have lost many of the nutrients that they had even 50 years ago and soils are becoming unusable. The organic products used by Carolina HydroFeeding are 100% safe to the environment and to use with all children, pets, livestock and you. Our products are not animal by products, waste or petroleum based in any way.

96 percent of all fish analyzed in major rivers and streams contained residues of one or more Synthetic pesticides at detectable levels.
"-United States Geological Survey"


We use 'ORGANIC' Fertilization

"Commonly used lawn-care chemicals can persist in soil and water for weeks, which can lead to the contamination of aquatic resources and local wildlife."

When you ask yourself the question, "why should I use organic products on my lawn?" the answer is simple. It is the responsible thing to do and it works. The reason that the organic section in your grocery store keeps growing is because everything you buy tastes better when grown organically. Treating your lawn with synthetic fertilizers is simply irresponsible, especially when there is a safer alternative.

The corporate lawn care industry has tricked us into believing that pesticides are not only safe but beneficial. They chemically fertilize your grass but do nothing to replenish the nutrient deficient soil. Recent studies show that an increased use of organic fertilization methods is the most effective way to create a healthy stand of turf grass and improve soil conditions. Chemical fertilizers cause lush green growth of grass plants with nitrogen overload. Within time the grass becomes addicted to the synthetic nitrogen and will only thrive through overuse. Overuse of synthetic chemical fertilizers will sterilize the soil and sterile soil opens up the nitrogen addicted grass to insect and disease problems as well as weed and crabgrass infestations. These chemicals cause great harm to our bodies and the environment.

  • When you use chemicals on your lawn you are contributing to water pollution and global warming.
  • When you use chemicals on your lawn you are putting your children at risk for many long term illnesses.
  • When you add up all of the negatives about chemical lawn care it only makes sense to go organic