"As most people do, I had plans to lay sod until I met Dave and Carol Johnson of Carolina HydroSeeding. Upon meeting with them, I saw the benefits of not only the great savings in price that HydroSeeding offers, but the great quality of seed and fertilizer that they use. And of course, what sealed the deal, was the vivacious and passionate personalities of Dave and Carol and the belief in their product and their commitment to treating my yard as if it were their own. True to their word, Dave showed up on time and hit the job running. While he worked, he taught me about HydroSeeding and how to care and maintain my new lawn... Thanks Dave and Carole!!"

Heather S. Clayton, NC



  "Dave, you really did a tremendous job on my lawn, and 2 months later I can honestly say without hesitation: I highly recommend you. Thanks so much Hib (and June)"

Hib and June. Louisburg, NC



"We are very pleased with the work you and your helpers performed and will be happy to recommend Carolina Hydroseeding Appreciate your help!!!"

Donna.  Lake Royale, Louisburg, NC



"From the punctuality of showing up on time to the cleaning when done your work was great and the grass is even better. Thanks Carolina HydroSeeding"

Bill. Raleigh, NC



"It's a pleasure to tell everyone about your company! You guys did an AWESOME job, and have EXCELLENT customer service! We had so many people asking about our lawn as they are SO amazed by the result. They saw the process from day 1 as we are located on the main traffic strip of the neighborhood. I was telling Kevin that we need to make a sign that says "The Grass Isn't Always Greener on the Other Side! Lawn Seeded by Carolina Hydroseeding. 919-341-2193". Well, if you guys ever have a lawn sign made, feel free to stop by and prop it on our lawn. We'll be proud to display it!"

Kevin & Pat. Holly Springs, NC



  "I wanted to rehab my front, side, and rear lawn. My builder used sod in the front yard 5 years ago when my house was built and it has been a disaster on the hard clay of my lot. I had seen a lot of commercial sites near my home that were hydroseeded and they turned out pretty good. I found Carolina Hydroseeding, Inc. through Google and called them for a quote. They came out to measure my property and patiently answered all of my questions (and I had a lot of them). The quote included bringing in compost and using a tiller/cultivator to prep the site. This appealed to me because I knew that better soil would enable me to grow a better lawn. The quote was slightly less than having sod delivered and installed but no site prep was included with the sod jobs. I paid a deposit and Carol called me to set up lawn-kill date. After the old lawn was dead they set a mid-September date to prep soil and spray fescue. In the meantime I got a watering permit from the Durham water works so I could water a little every day for 4-6 weeks. On the day of the work a dump truck left a load of dirt on my front lawn and a subcontractor spent the morning spreading and tilling. I didn't have much contact with the site prep contractor but they did carefully excavate around a poorly installed TWC cable line. The site prep looked even and complete and they did a good job making sure they did not affect my current drainage patterns. Later that day Dave and Carol came by with the hydroseeding equipment and sprayed my lot. They gave me the rundown on care for the first 6 weeks; I cut them a check and got ready to be on sprinkler duty. The evening of the spray we had some severe weather. Dave called me to ask if any areas were affected. I emailed some digital pics to him and he stopped a couple of days later to re-spray a couple of small areas. He also advised some downspout changes so I could avoid washing out any areas in the future. It is now 5 weeks later and I am very pleased with the germination. I have a bright green fuzz of grass 4" high. Every day I can see it getting thicker and more spots fill in. I am confident if I keep up with the watering I will have no problems establishing a good lawn. I will definitely recommend this business to friends and neighbors. I am excited to finally have a decent lawn. "

David and Diana. Durham, NC



"Carol I just wanted to say I have been getting the organic fertilizers for a little while and I am really seeing the difference in how much my Bermuda grass is spreading and "so far" how weed free my yard is. I am very happy with the results. I did this back a a little more than a year ago and stopped it because I thought it was a waste of money. I was wrong and unfortunately I learned the hard way and didn't notice anything until the summer when my backyard was overtaken with crabgrass.I am definately an advocate for you guys. Thanks Keith B. Clayton, NC "